Content Designer

Los yosesLegal, Full-Time

Are you a successful visual storyteller who brings ideas to life through engaging presentations? We are looking for an experienced senior graphic designer who turns ideas and narratives into captivating visualizations of executive presentations.

This is how we are using UtilizeCore tools internally to convert our company digitally and create better experiences for our employees and customers. To help tell our story, we are looking for a web designer to work collaboratively with our writers and executives. A talented designer with a clear track record in delivering high-quality presentations to executives and senior managers.

What you can do in this role: Design world-class keynote presentations, emaiis, advertising, website, charts, tables, graphs, and data visualizations.

Join the team to accelerate the creation of new IT success stories about our customer's experiences and the company results we are achieving with UtilizeCore solutions.


  • Facilitate joint work sessions with executives and professionals at UtilizeCore to capture your story for specific internal and external audiences

  • Collaboration on storyboards, imaginative themes, and styles with presenters and content authors turning complex messages into simple and compelling images

  • Develop models and structures to provide coherent, analytically credible, and emotionally compelling communications

  • Drive new content production and continually improve the content creation process to ensure quality, accuracy and performance

  • Actively participate in social networks to promote our content

  • Gain insight into our products at UtilizeCore and our internal acceptance of those products. Stay up-to-date with new technology launches, improvements in marketing strategies, and brand alignment

  • Enable IT executives with new requests for ad-hoc content

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