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UtilizeCore is a service business automation platform with roots in the industry dating back to 1983. We are the third generation in this space, our predecessors had two high growth SaaS companies in this space. The theme has always been the service industry and how we can provide a more streamlined platform through technology.

Build on demand, without limitations.

Our mission is to become the operating system for commercial repair and maintenance service management companies.

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The problem we are solving today is a dysfunctional supply-chain -- where service businesses have difficulty scaling efficiently, the daunting task of finding and managing subcontractors and property managers have a painful experience.

The problem we are solving today is a dysfunctional supply chain

Our Journey

Our Journey

Our journey began in 1983 and has metamorphosed to the leading high growth, SaaS technology solution for this growing vertical market. Our best in class AI, predictive analytics, and configurable APIs gives us the edge over our competitors in this landscape.

We use artificial intelligence to locate and match subcontractors to jobs, predictive analytics to enhance service delivery, REST APIs to integrate all needed 3rd party applications.

In redefining the service procurement supply chain, we want to welcome everyone to the first true B2B network and marketplace in the service world.


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The UtilizeCore Legacy

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