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Power cooling Inc. is one of the leading HVAC providers in the 5 boroughs of NYC. UtilizeCore has allowed them to 4x their maintenance business while providing better service than ever before!

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One of New York Metropolitan Area’s largest privately owned mechanical contractors, Power Cooling Inc., provides HVAC services to clients across the state of New York. The family-owned business is operating since 1966 and owns a plant measuring 80,000 square feet in Long Island.

Case Study


Power Cooling Inc. was using a legacy system to manage their work, which became a problem for them when the HVAC industry started to upgrade, and its competitors started to implement new technology solutions. They were unable to automate their dispatch, invoice, and payments process; therefore, losing profits due to excess manual procedures. They also did not have a consolidated employee portal to manage team members and a client portal to provide insight to their clients.

  • Higher operating costs
  • Manual and time-consuming processes
  • Ineffective team management
  • Lagging behind in the market
  • Lack of Client transparency


Power Cooling Inc. had the goal to reduce its operating costs and transform their operations to become more efficient. They also wanted to manage team members and contractors more easily and cut overhead expenditure while generating more revenue by modernizing their processes and simplifying management.


UtilizeCore provided a single solution for Power Cooling Inc. automate operations, AR/AP and the technicians in the field. Features included were a centralized dispatch board to maintain work order management, invoicing module to enhance billing, and a mobile application to ensure service verification. UtilizeCore also provided a Quickbooks Integration through the App store to eliminate manual accounting tasks. As a result, they were able to substantially reduce their operational overhead, simplify their processes, and manage teams with greater ease. They shifted all their business onto the platform, which enabled their team members to do more work in less time. The platform that we designed for them is supported both desktop and mobile devices, which allowed remote team members to work with convenience and access data from any location. Client portal made it easier for them to increase transparency and the team member portal allowed for tracking the progress of their work--streamling the dispatch of work order to technicians.

  • Automation
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Single platform for all their work
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Modernized invoice, work order, and proposal management
  • Client management and transparency
  • Support for remote work
  • Simplified team member and vendor management
  • Centralized Dispatch Board
Case Study